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        FyDul: Last chance for saving your oracle data


What if your oracle crashed and can not be recovered? FyDul is the last chance for you to save your data. It's is small program to read the data from data files directly. I wrote this program in 2006, and now I improved it to make it easier be used.


 Fy_Recover_Data --- A PLSQL package to recover (Truncated) data

Fy_Recover_Data is a tool utilizing transplant technology and Table Scan mechanism to recover data of truncated or damaged table. Implemented by PLSQL.

 FyDB --- a distributed in-memory NOSQL DB

FyDB is a NOSQL database system. It supports distributed deployment, and can integrate heterogeneous data sources. Data of FyDB is stroed in memory as key-value structure, and it is also persistent. According to NOSQL theories, FyDB discarded support on Data Integration to gain better performance and high availability, which means it will not check integration of Parent-Children data. While Data Integration is one of the most important features of traditional relationship database.

 FySafe (a data recovery tool) features and update logs

FySafe can recover data from data files of a damaged Oracle database system, help user rescue business data as much as possible. It can quickly recovery kinds of data files stored in different platform, from different versions of Oracle; It can recover almost all kinds of tables, including normal, compressed, index orgnized, cluster, partition tables, and can recover all kinds data types, objects and plsql programs.

 SQLStress features and update logs

SQLStress is a simple Database Stress Test utility. It can call kinds of SQL programs of statement concurrent or alone; can configure multiple threads execute each program or statement; can configure threads call times and frequency; can configure input/output parameters data type and value range flexibly.

 FyUnWrap features and update logs

FyUnWrap is a small tool to unwrap the wrapped PLSQL programs in Oracle. It can unwrap all types of PLSQL code in 8i~11g. With this tool, you can find back those wrapped source code in database without original source code files.

 OraTracer features and update logs

OraTracer is a performance monitoring and debug tracing tools. It can be used to monitor windows process and thread performance; to trace oracle internal function calls, detecting input and return data value, working through call statcks; to disassmble the internal functions to ASM code; to report internal calls statistics.


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