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FyDB --- a distributed in-memory NOSQL DB


Author:  fuyuncat

Source:  www.HelloDBA.com

Date:  2011-07-07 00:52:13

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  FyDB is a NOSQL database system. It supports distributed deployment, and can integrate heterogeneous data sources. Data of FyDB is stroed in memory as key-value structure, and it is also persistent. According to NOSQL theories, FyDB discarded support on Data Integration to gain better performance and high availability, which means it will not check integration of Parent-Children data. While Data Integration is one of the most important features of traditional relationship database.

1.   Featurs:

Data Storage/Access:
·         In-memory data access;
·         Data persistent supported;
·         Local In-Memory Index supported:
             Hash index
             B-Tree Index;
·         KV map Get()/Put()/Remove() Methods supported;
·         Batch data search/modify/add/remove supported;
·         2 data sets join search supported;
·         Simple data access script supported;
·         Simple optimizer chooses the best access method;
·         Data consistent read supported;
·         Supported data types:
             String (char, varchar, varchar2 ... );
             Date (Date, Time, Datetime, Timestamp ...);
             Integer (Number, Integer, Int ...);
             Long (Long Int ...)
             Double (Double, Float ...);

·         High Availability: Multiple server nodes;
·         Heterogeneous:
             Traditional RDBMS (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Sybase, DB2) as external data source;
             Local file as external data source;
·         OS independent;

For more details, please refer to the ReadMe.


Note: FyDB is open source project now. The project home page is: FyDB


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