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About Me


Author:  fuyuncat

Source:  www.HelloDBA.com

Date:  2008-05-06 14:50:13

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About Me

I am Wei Huang, Oracle ACE, a senior and experienced DBA, where I designed, developed and maintained several large database systems in logistical, telecommunication and water resource industries over the past 10 years.

I built my personal web site, www.HelloDBA.com, on 2005 and posted a various articles about RDBMS internal mechanism, algorithm, data structure, performance tuning and troubleshooting. I am enthusiastic about database technical researching and development and I has developed several valuable free tools shared on my web site, some of which have become open source projects. I am adept at performance tuning and also wrote the book "Oracle SQL Optimizing and Tuning Technologies" and am co-author of another book "Oracle DBA Notes 3".

I am also qualified with rich experience in middleware and architechter design and development, especially in TIBCO products, including EMS, BusinessWorks.

I am now living and working at Sydney.

msn: fuyuncat@hotmail.com
Email: fuyuncat@gmail.com
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/fuyuncat

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